Autonomous Scoring

During autonomous period if you move a game piece does it count against you or help the opponent?

It will count against the opponent because you have moved one of their scoring objects into a lower zone.

It depends on the direction you move the piece. If you move a star on the fence towards you, you are helping your opponent; but if you move the stars that start next to you towards the fence, you are helping yourself.

If we are planning to lift for autonomous and we have to move the star. Is it ok as long as we keep it in the same zone.

Yes, your robot may intentionally be programmed to move the star, and then hang. In fact, you can also move it into the near zone.
If you plan to do this, I would recommend moving the star into the near zone, so it gives the other alliance fewer points.

Remember, the main objective in starstruck is to have more points scored than the other alliance so, you may move the objects on the field however you want. (Obviously, the robot must do this without human interaction) Objects scored in the near zone are fewer points than objects in the far zone. The star that is near the hanging post is in the far zone, so by moving the star to the near zone, it will decrease the total score of the opposing alliance. (which is good if you want to win)

:slight_smile: good luck

Would that be the same for antonymous

Yes, same rules apply for autonomous.