Autonomous Scoring

How is the autonomous scored. Is it off of only what points you scored, or what each team’s total points are. Say for instance the blue robot has an autonomous that flips a top flag, and the red robot’s autonomous parks on the platform. The high flag awards 2 points and the platform awards 3, but the high flag scored takes away from the other team’s score, making it a 4 point swing, and the blue alliances’s score is one point higher than red’s. How is this scored?

To score autonomous, the total points that is showing as scored for each alliance is totaled at the end of autonomous. The alliance with the most points showing at the end of the autonomous is the winner. In your scenario, if that is all that is done, then blue would win 9-8 and receive the autonomous bonus. Red would have one low flag and one high flag, two low scored caps and a park on their alliance platform for 8 points. Blue would have one low flag, three high flags, two low scored caps for a total of 9 points.

Ok thank you.

The bonus and autonomous score is added to the total score right?

Only the bonus score. The “autonomous” score will vary throughout the rest of the match. It will become the setup of the field for driver control, at the end of which points will be tallied.