Autonomous Sensors help

Hi, I want to use sensors on my robot to help the job when programming autonomous skills and on match autonomous.
Im really new to using sensors and to programming them, so, what sensors would you recommend me and how do i program them? I want to help my code follow a path and to reduce the mistake window so autonomous are more precise. I found this video (315 Point Prog Skills | Vex Tipping Point 60470S - YouTube) in which they answered this on a comment:

“We use a few different algorithms to control our robot. Firstly we use odometry to track our robots absolute position on the field. Then we have a path generator that creates an array of x and y coordinates for the robot to follow. Then we use an algorithm called pure pursuit to calcualate the voltage to send to the motors in order to get back on the path.”

And this

“We use 2 unpowered encoder wheels, a limit switch on the clamp, and an inertial sensor.”

Can somebody provide me links to what they refer and if you can, some help on tutorials or where to learn how to use them?

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I think the easiest way to start is with an inertial sensor.

All of the VexCode applications have sample programs to provide insight on different sensors and the Vex Knowledge Base is a good resource.

You can also use encoders if you want to get into Odometry.