Autonomous so far

My team is a middle school team, and we are going to a high school tournament soon, so I was wondering how many points the winning autonomous has usually had on the high school level, since that 10 points usually decides the match. Thanks! :smiley:

A very popular autonomous we’ve seen is having a preload lean against the bot and the bot drive forward, pick up a cube, turn and then put it on the starting tile. Although that’s only 2 points from one robot, it wins a lot of the matches. In our last finals, a bot was able to take their preload and put in on the small pole, giving 3 points. Another took their preload and put it on the skyrise base, only giving 1 point but a start for the stacking cubes on the skyrise. We’ve yet to see a team score a skyrise in auton, though it’s been done on youtube.

I’ve seen lots of high school teams still not even move, so they were left still touching the cube and therefore scoring no points. So at the very least, move away from your cube and let it drop on the colored tile. If you can do that much, your high school alliance will smile benevolently upon you.

The next common thing among the better HS teams seems to be to drop a cube onto the adjacent low post. That gives them 3 points. Here’s an example of that:

I haven’t seen much better than that, however.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Our autonmous is a 12 point autonmous which scores two skyrise sections and puts a cube on it. After that it attempts to crash the stash we are going to try to get a 18 point autonmous.:smiley:

Can’t wait to see there reaction to our soon to be 18 point autonmous. That will be done by the end off the day will try to get picture but we are very tight on time.

here in northern California, most teams just leave the cube on the tile, while some of the best teams went for 8pts (a skirise and a cube) and usually missed. I am going for 6pts for my next tournament (two cubes on two goals)

Very impressive. How consistent is that? 90% ? 70% ? Nails it every time? :slight_smile:

That is definitely a problem with going for high scores. I’ve seen a number of great teams shoot for a high-scoring autonomous, miss their targets, and then end up touching their cube on the floor, scoring zero points after all sorts of fancy moves. :rolleyes:

It makes it 90 percent of the time but if it fails it game over if it misses but we will take the risk.:wink:

To be more exact we use a line sensor to read to make sure it has the skyrise and the skyrise base.

Oh good. My team already has a 4-5 point auton with pushing cubes into our square so we should be good :slight_smile:

Very nice! Would love to see a video of it. Autons like that are are going to be tough to get done in 15 seconds.

Back to OP… Like many said, try to get a simple auton done that moves forward for half a second, I’ve seen a lot of auton wins off this.

Just to throw it out there, there is one team that I know gets 20 points in auto, and quite consistently. Won’t say who it is/what they do, but I think it’s a really good score for auto.

And no, it’s not us, we haven’t even started programming yet.

I’m going to guess 2 skyrise sections and three cubes?

Thats amazing…20pts in “15 SECONDS”?? The best/rest of the world can only do 23pts in a full minute in programming skills…

I’m still waiting to see the other mythical robot that can carry and score 6-10 cubes at one time that several teams promised…:rolleyes:

If we get ours working correctly, we can do 20pts for auto as well. Shooting for building full skyrise in programming skills. maybe 2-4 cubes as well. 2 for sure.