Autonomous stopped working

My student was perfecting her autonomous, she uses 2nd gen, but all of a sudden the robot started to move forward and then spinning. She tried with other codes she used in past competitions and the robot still does the same. She used other slots but no luck. We replaced the brain, then the controller, then the battery of the controller for all new stuff, downloaded the code and still robot moves forward and then spins. The codes she wrote were working in all competitions before. We don’t know what is happening. One additional detail, the robot works for the program they have for the driving. All the issue is in the autonomous. Any thoughts?

Try calibrating the controller (if that is possible with 2nd gen).

Thank you for your promt response. The inertial sensor is enbedded in the system, she uses it in some codes in other she doesn’t. Because of this issue she is not using it at all. She is not using an external gyrosensor at this point. She erased all the code and ordered the robot just to move forward and turn 90 degrees in desperation of not finding a solution, but robot still moved forward and then spun. I found one of the codes she wrote trying to test if the robot will just move forward for a few seconds and stop. Here it is. autoshoot21.iqcpp (3.8 KB)

Yeah, I remembered that the gyro is embedded in Gen2 - that’s why I withdrew my post, was thinking of Gen1 when I wrote about the gyro.

Looking at the code, I don’t see anything particularly wrong. My school doesn’t do IQ anymore and only has Gen1 hardware stored away in boxes, otherwise I’d test on some actual hardware to see what’s going on.

I haven’t messed with the Drivetrain class in a while, but if the code was working before and doesn’t now, I’d see if maybe the ports are messed up? Try swapping ports 1 and 8 (which seem to be the drive motors) either in the code or on the robot and see if it works then. Sometimes having the motor ports on the wrong side can be a problem when you’re doing turns.


Thanks for replying. That’s the first thing they did. But later we changed the brain, controller and controller battery for brand new stuff. The robot continued to move forward and spin in autonomous ignoring all type of code. I have another team, they created a little program with the computer they use for their own robot, they downloaded it to the malfunctioning robot but still, moved forward and spun. That is the problem we cannot figure out yet.

This sounds like the same issue I looked at last week from this topic.

I had tested the students code on a basic clawbot and found no issues, I suggested some further tests in a DM to see if it’s a mechanical problem, but if that’s not the case, all I can suggest is visiting tech support before worlds and we can try and diagnose what’s happening there.


I will get there before the IQ Worlds and visit the support center. Thanks to all for your advise. But if you happen to know what is going on with this issue please reply to this post. Thanks again.

sounds good. What’s the team number ?
ask for James or Levi


On Gen 2, are there special slots for autonomous and driver control and match? Otherwise, I’m not sure why using Slot 1 vs. Slot 2 would make any difference. Is there some built-in code that is supposed to line-track, and could the brain be somehow trying to run that?

No and no. Gen 2 works like a mini V5


My team is 2929G . I will be there on tuesday for VEX I will look for you guys. Although I won’t have the robot with me, I can email my team to do what you recommend. We are all very concerned about not having that part of the skills. Thanks.