Autonomous Stops At A Certain Point

Our autonomous stops at a certain point. We are using V5Blocks. It works whenever we restart the controller and brain. I don’t think it is an issue with a block, never completing it’s task and causing the code to run forever. Any help is appreciated (we have tournament tomorrow).

Show the code can’t rlly help u otherwise

We used v5 blocks so we can’t upload the file or any screenshots


Where is it stopping? Overall the code looks ok.

Tip: increase your wait statements to 3 seconds. Then you can visually tell when something has finished. Afterwards you can reset them back to fractional seconds.

You could also send a ‘beep’ command after each ‘section’ of code. that will let you know it’s finished.

I’m not super familiar with v5blosks. Modkit has a statement for a motor to start to move to a certain degree, but NOT stop the code if it can’t complete.


Make sure all your values are being able to complete

Thanks we figured it out

that is a common issue if the code can complete a motor movement