Autonomous Strategies in Sack Attack

With robot repositioning in autonomous still being legal, teams can easily sabotage their opponent’s autonomous routines. How are you planning for this? I think we will see autonomous routines that trick the opponents into running their defensive sequence into the wrong location by faking a turn, or coming back after a short sequence to be repostitioned again.

I think a defensive autonomous relies too much on prediction to actually sabotage the opponent’s autonomous. Also, with the return of the autonomous bonus, a purely defensive autonomous can only make you break even instead of actually winning the bonus points.

If you were thinking a quick ram into a reposition into an offensive routine, I feel like the shortened autonomous period (15 seconds) may not give enough time for any offense after the ram. Not only that, but the distance you have to travel for the ram and then distance you travel back is so long that room for error and thus completely missing the alliance tile on the way back is way too dangerous.

Not to mention the sacks in the way of quickly getting to the other side of the field.
The autonomous bonus alone I think will make teams go for scoring more than defense during autonomous.

The field was designed well for the autonomous this year. Last two years have been a little bit lame. Strategy and mind games were cool and all, but programming should be able to show off what they can do. That was done nicely this year I think.

Drive forward, drive back. There’s 10 points already! :smiley:

Funny :), I was just talking about this with my team. Do you get the parking bonus during the autonomous period? If you do, do you have to leave the tile and come back? Or can you just sit there? If the last part is true, wouldn’t it be better to not use an autonomous routine at all than to use an unreliable one?

If your autonomous is unreliable then you haven’t spent enough time working on it, but in general i would probably have to say yes.

The rules are your friend!

**Bold **added for emphasis.

The fact that you cannot cross the alliance starting tile is also a disadvantage, because I guarantee that there’s going to be a hoarding bot that drags all the sacks back to their alliance starting tile to begin with just to win autonomous, therefore any defensive maneuvers would either be ineffective, or illegal.

<SG7> Robots are not permitted to break the plane of their opponents Alliance Starting Tile during the Autonomous Period. Violations of this rule will result in the offending Alliance automatically losing the Autonomous Bonus and the offending Robot being disabled.

Is the alliance starting tile rule really going to be tripped much this year?

Going 8 feet until you cross that plane in just 15 seconds plus maneuvering over a line of sacks right under the trough seems a bit much to do in such a short period of time.

It’s not like gateway where you’re just a 4 feet away and had a longer period of time to deal with that wall of objects that pushed relatively easily into the other robot.

In addition:

I think teams are going to try to get a bonus sack or two in the high goal, since it’s worth a lot of points and there’s little risk of descoring during autonomous.

We were rookies in the Round-Up season, so we enjoyed the nifty autonomous options that year (like the cheap preload-on-wall-goal trick, and the ability to ram your opponent’s starting tile or a goal).

Right, every game has its tricks, but Sack Attack ends 2 years of opposing alliance tiles being within 4 feet of each other. The alliance tile placement and object placement is very reminiscent of Clean Sweep actually. I’m excited to see what programming and autonomous’ will be doing this year.

Another interesting thing (also from Clean Sweep), is being able to program autonomouses that won’t interfere with your partner’s autonomous. Instead of choosing the “better” autonomous out of the two and leaving the other robot useless for the 15 seconds, both teams will be able to do something useful in trying to win that 10 point bonus.

Because of so many objects, 10 points bonus might not help game outcome very much at all.

But free points!
Just because they can get the same points by scoring two sacks in the troughs doesn’t mean teams won’t go for the auto bonus.
It may not affect the outcome, but I think autonomous will still be concerned with getting it.

or maybe the more “strategic” teams will do something else rather than score points in the 15 secs
(collect, horde, get into strategical positions, etc)

You may also start the game with more teleop points (more than the 10pt auto bonus). Unless descoring becomes very easy like it was in roundup, two good autonomous scorers could be very powerful.

You might say the bonus isn’t important, but you can’t descore the autonomous bonus. You can descore two sacks.

I can see the two bonus sacks under the troughs becoming this year’s center 30" goals because they are worth a lot and are asymetrical

well they are only 5 additional points, which in the scheme of things isn’t exactly that much. Plus, with descoring back, someone could easily just descore your bonus sack and then put it in their trough.