Autonomous strategy, layout, and plan

Recently, I have created four programs, one of which being the autonomous skills program. Originally, the skills program balanced on one of the alliance platforms (blue or red) while holding a neutral goal and correctly corresponding coloured alliance mobile goal.

The problem with this strategy is balancing, balancing was very inconsistent.

Should we use a different strategy?

Is there a legal sensor to calculate center of mass, tipping, and balancing?

For our first tournament, we have decided to focus on consistency and decided to put neutral goals and alliance goals by themselves on the alliance platforms, not the robot.

Is this the best method to consistently achieving high skills scores?

Is there another method to consistently achieve high autonomous points?

It matters what you perceive as a high skills score. If you want to be super competitive and get high scores, you will need to balance mobile goals onto the platform (around 2 on each at the moment). For balancing, I suggest using something you can align yourself on such as the platform base.

If you don’t want to be super competitive and just get consistent ok scores, just putting every mobile goal in the correct zone is worth 140 points. This is already more than a large number of teams, but will not get you far against extremely competitive teams.

If you can also park with 1 mobile goal, you can get 190 points off of the 140 mentioned above. This is a pretty good score that can let you be competitive if you have a good driver skills run. I would suggest doing this if you believe you can do it. As seen on, only 2 teams have a better score than this. Eventually into the season, you will need to be able to place mobile goals on the platform consistently but for now you will be ok.

Not sure if there is an actual balancing related sensor, but get creative! You could have a little compartment where a round piece rolls around over with an ultra sonic sensor detecting location. Or use two rotation sensors in perpendicular directions.

I don’t know if either of those ideas actually work or not.

inertial sensor allows you to measure pitch, which corresponds to whether you are balanced on the mobile goal or not. You can use feedback controllers like PID to allow auto balancing.