Autonomous Strategy : Mobile Goal Rush?

As my team and I started investigating the game once it released, our eyes were instantly drawn to 20 point bonus for scoring the Mobile Goal in the far zone. I brought up, why don’t we pick it up, and throw it into the far zone as our autonomous? Sure it’s a 4-pound weight, but it’s the same as scoring 10 cones or 9 cones and parking afterwords!

What do you guys think of this and what are ya’ll thinking of doing for an autonomous?

Conceptually, it is good, but you are not getting the stack bonus or any additional points from that. I was thinking of a “Quick-Stack” Auton, where a cone is placed on a mobile goal then put in the 20 point zone.

You may as well stack a few more cones if you’re going to physically drive to the 20 point zone.

Btw, zone bonuses are not counted during auto, only stacked conds source: (1 sec while i find it)

Edit:turns out karthik never awnsered that thread so :confused:

I am pretty sure that if you move the mobile goal to a 5/10/20 zone, you will get points for it in autonomous.
Because they are scoring objects and all scoring objects counted in autonomous and driver control period in the previous years.

The points for the goals should be, however autonomous bonus this year specifically mentions only points scored by goals and cones, so the 5 point highest stack bonuses might not be scored in auto. I don’t know if Karthik has offered an official interpretation of that rule yet.

The problem with throwing is you aren’t guaranteed that it will land face up, plus, the 20 pts won’t be counted towards your pts it will be just add 5 pts if you win the autonomous.

thats too funny… I was just thinking the same thing… Hitting the starting pole with some speed and throwing the goal over into the 20pt zone. There zero chance that a cone would stay on but as bottom heavy as the goals are I think its very unlikely to land on its side.

One thing to consider would be can you recover the mobile goal from the 20 point zone after the autonomous period so that you can score more points with it?

May team is investigating a two goal autonomous where one is scored in the 20 point zone and the other is scored in the 10 point zone. Then if there is time left stack as many cones as we can. Neglecting to park on the colored tile (if it’s worth any points at all). We feel that it is possible to move across the field twice in autonomous, because in FIRST Steamworks we though a 2 rotor autonomous would never happen. For all you non FIRST teams out there it did happen on many occasions.

If this is permitted legal, you can purposefully knock over opposing mobile goals to prevent the other team from scoring during auton…

Great minds think alike my friend, however, VEX thought of this a long time before we could. <SG5> Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an opponent’s stack…

Why would you want to recover it from the 20 pt. zone once it is in there?

The premise is to put an empty mobile goal (or one with one cone on it) into the 20 point zone during Auton. That mobile goal represents part of your stacking capacity (20 - 25%). If you can continue to stack on that goal you may be fine. If not then an opposing alliance would have more capacity and possibly win the 20 point zone highest stack bonus.

Although That may be true, the rules never state you can’t tip over an empty goal to prohibit team from scoring on it. However, as soon as they put a cone on the goal it becomes illegal. Until then you can tip over as many goals as you want.

I’m not thinking of a mobile goal rush, because if you look at the map their are two opposite color mobile goals in front of you. And two on the corners next to you. However the cones are surrounding the mobile goals on the corner, so your robot’s width has to be very small.

so the 20 point zone bonus won’t be counted in the auton?

The only things which will count in auton are:

  • Stacked Cones
  • Scored Mobile Goals (including 5pt, 10pt, and 20pt zones)

well in that case i’m thinking that we can just dump the preload onto the mobile goal in the corner then score it in the 20 point zone. then you get 22 points.
as for the issue fruitarian talked about, i think as long as i don’t push the cones around the mobile goal with a concave structure, but still push them out of the way, this strategy is totally plausible.

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