Autonomous turning accuracy with shaft encoder

We are not using Gyro. Can you shed pointers to increase the consistency and accuracy of turning with just shaft encoders ?
like - should it come to a complete stop before turning ?
may be slow turning … etc …

Turn 360 degrees and measure the values of your quad encoders. Divide that by 360 to get a ticks per degree value. You’ll want to target that number for a specific rotation.

For example, let’s say your ticks per degree is 32 ticks (random number). Then to rotate 90 degrees, you’ll want to move your motors 2880 ticks.

Turns are much more precise than just drive functions, so you’ll probably want to employ a proportional loop.

Once you reach your target, you can increase your consistency a lot by just breaking (i.e. setting motors to zero)

Thank you .

But with the same number of ticks, I see a difference of angle unless there is clear gap (2 seconds) between a forward/backward motion and the turn. So was looking for best practices.