Autonomous turrns

Hi, in my autonomous I have been having trouble with getting in good turns. Can someone tell me the values of the wheel spin that you need to turn the robot 90 degrees.

90 degrees… on the inertial sensor from an initial heading of 0(?)

I dont think the forum knows how big your robot is or anything of the like to make your robot spin 360 degrees based on wheel spin. Spin your robot 3600 degrees, divide the result by 10 (ex 3825/10=382.5) and then in your code you multiply the sensor reading by 360/result (i.e sensorvalue * (360/382.5))

This will give you a reading based on 360 degrees

Try using a PID controller. This document will get you started.

It depends, Gyroscope or no gyroscope. Vexcode or Pros?

Do you want your own code or to use one premade by vex?