Autonomous working (Thanks Jpearman)

We have our autonomous picking up the gold sack consistently now that we have encoders. I need to change some settings for the encoders since we are getting more than a 45 degree turn when leaving the sacks due to initial testing and tweaking of the code with less than fully charged batteries. We still had what was consistently the highest scoring and most consistent autonomous routine thanks to the help I got from jpearman.

I am sure I would have figured it out sooner or later, but with some help we were able to get it done on time for our last event.

Here is the video of it in action. Now to work on keeping it from getting stuck on sacks, I think raising it up a bid will cure that.

We stayed #1 on the board until a bad battery connector left us disabled 2" after leaving the tile :frowning: the robot sat still for that match and dropped us to #4 going into the quarterfinals where we ended up losing by 5 points. It was still the best we have done yet and was a great day!

First, congratulations on your autonomous robot success.

Second, is it just me or does the guy doing match announcing sound like Aziz Ansari? DJ Roomba for those who don’t know who Aziz Ansari is.

Yes he does, and I wish he was at every match, he was as much a cheerleader as he was an emcee.