How are the judge’s in your competitions controlling the end of autonomous mode? In other words, how do they prevent people from driving in the 20 second autonomous period?

you MUST use a competition template which the judges then control your tethered controllers through a siteplayer by netmedia in which the judges can turn your controller’s data whenever they please

Thanks, I will let the leaders know. We are doing our own internal competition, as it is our districts 1st competition. Also, where can you get these templates?

Also, our robot is acting on the fritz. We have tried changing the code, and the motor ports.The robot goes forward and back fine, but the steering is backwards. We are using a arcade 4 wheel drive.

Perhaps you got your left and right motor cables swapped?

  • Dean

well… you should use tank mode for driving. This is a made code for driving.

If the drive on the controller are reversed, then the cables are indeed switched. if they aren’t, i think the programming for tank should have a “invert direction” box.

There is no reason they can’t use arcade driving. It’s all personal preference. In the Arcade block make try inverting one of the motors and see if that fixes your problem. Also check to see if any of the channels on the remote are reversed. It explains how to check in the inventors guide.

Thanks, that fixed the problem.

Haha, this brings back a memory of last year. This team had a crappy little square bot. When autonomous started the drive drove forward using his contoller. Doing this he knocked a softball into the other team’s low goal, then we turned around and his wheel fell off. We were paired with this team for one round when this happened, we still won though.

rtzoeller what team are you from?

youll need some $$$$ to host your own competition but you should visit these links for the template, field, etc…

look at the vex field controller and i expect youll need two of those and two fields

also you’ll need some crystal upgrade kits:

id talk to FIRST about awards and stuff, are you running an unofficial or official competition/regional](

We are not doing a team this year, as it is our districts first year, but we have a bunch of teams with 4 people on each, and our just learning to usethe vex system.

our competition is unofficial so we dont really need awards. and thanks 4 the links

your welcome :smiley: