OK, I am making sure on an autonomous strategy.

Right when Autonomous starts we are allowed to put in match loads right?

If we have 2 pre-loads, and our partner has 2 pre-loads, we are allowed to put in 4 match loads right?

Thank you :smiley:

This is legal, as long as you are in the interaction zone.

Each robot is allowed one ball and one barrel as pre-loads. The robots may not β€œshare” the preloads.
-edit- If your partner chooses not to have any pre-loads, then they are fair game. But a single robot cannot start with 4 pre-loads.
Each alliance is allowed match loads. According to <SG7>

To me, that means at any time during the match, INCLUDING DURING AUTONOMOUS, the match loads may be introduced. However, the robot must be touching an alliance tile IN THE INTERACTION ZONE and the ball/barrel must be gently placed in the robot.

Each robot is permitted to start with 1 ball and 1 barrel as the match begins. all remaining scoring objects (excluding doubler and negater barrels) are allowed to be introduced in the interaction once the match (including autonomous) has begun.

That is what I thought. Thank you for your clarification :smiley: