Has anyone done an autonomous that scores more than just the four preloads?
We’re thinking of picking up the stack just in front of the starting tiles.
If anyone has any videos or code that would be really helpful.

Red alliance left robot

We do similar, either the stack on the wall, or one in front.

The video meng linked is the only match video I have actually seen where a robot goes after a stack after shooting preloads. This team had another video that claimed they had a 60 point autonomous. I cannot find it though.

I don’t have my code with me to provide you an example, but I will recommend that you use any sensors if possible to help with accurate turning. You wouldn’t want to have inaccurate turning that would cause you to shoot the balls from the stack out of the field.

I watched the Space City competition a bit back. This video took me a bit to track down:
“2015 Space City VEX High School Competition” at 17:57

400x, the blue bot has the highest scoring autonomous I’ve ever seen. The robot’s pretty nice too :wink:
Oh, and there’s probably a better run somewhere in the eliminations, but that’ll take forever to find, especially with my Internet.

our team 1115D can score a entire stack of balls into the low goal and our 4 pre loads into the high goal.

So 25 points. I’d say that thats above average.

24 no?

The bonus balls count for double the value of a regular ball.
This gives us 45 for the low goal, which means 20 points. Then we have 31 for the regular balls from the stack in the low goal, and 2*1 for the bonus ball in the stack in the low goal. This gives us a grand total of 25 points.

oops. my mistake.