We were in a competition where our automnomus program was way off almost like a different program. The team has spent a great amount of time on their programming. At practice, the program works great but when we try the program on a different field the run is way off. Why does this happen? Can anyone offer us suggestions to prevent this from happening in our next competition?
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Can you post a video and your code?


Make sure the field and wheels are clean. Try to raise your table so the kids don’t walk on it.


This has actually happened in competition. I noticed fields that are in older conditions are causing the most problems. The team will not be able to clean the fields at the state competitions. Do you think a distance sensor will help? If so can someone help so I can teach the kids how to program it


The distance sensor is not very reliable. I would ask the event partner at your state tornament to clean the fields.


OK Thank you


Try to program around the problem. We found that the turns are the main issue. Slow the robot down during turns… they will be more consistent usually. And yes, clean the wheels/table.


How are people cleaning IQ fields?


We just use a towel. People run their robots on the floor where the tires get covered in fine dirt/dust. Wipes off pretty well. I would still program around the problem…


I use 409 and one of those super absorbent towels to pick up the dirt and mess before I snap the center piece into place