Autonomous's or autonomi

Our team have this problem we don’t know if the right term is or autonomi.

Well, autonomous is not a noun, and therefore can’t be plural, so it would be uneducated to call it either autononous’s or autonomi. However, when you say, “Can your autonomous score in the 20 pt zone?” you have used autonomous as a noun, which would be incorrect. It would be correct to say, “Can your autonomous program score in the 20 pt zone?” In that case, autonomous is used as the adjective to describe the noun “program.”

Following this logic, the only correct plural form of “autonomous” is “autonomous programs”, “autonomous operations”, or “autonomous modes”.
Also, autonomous when used as a noun is incorrect, so to stop confusion, you might try calling it one of the phrases above.

Me, and intellectual: “autonomuses’s”

Me an intellectual intellectual: autonnomouuusees’s’s’s’s’s’s’s

Auton. Autons. Makes life so much easier.

This one of our team’s favorite debates!


Well, subcultures or even trade/craft groups usually define or redefine words into their jargon. Heck, even the general population can mint new words (“to google” is now a legal verb). So we can claim that in the robotics argot (are we a subculture? :-)), “autonomous” could be used as a noun. “Auton” is a noun, no discussion. But I’d the least qualified here to rule on the language norms, not being a native speaker…

@nenik +1