Autononous repositioning

I dont mind an unofficial reply on this. Consider this situation, In autonomous, our robot starts in the hanging zone and picks those 3 balls under the hanging bar. In the meanwhile, our alliance robot get out of the way and so our robot crosses the bump and is now on the middle zone tile. Can I reposition the robot in the middle zone tile? If no, can my alliance partner reposition my robot for me?

The rule says:

Therefore you can’t reposition on the three other tiles you didn’t start on.

Here is a question I asked about the other own in sg4 (own robot) and it definitely that own referrers to the team not the alliance.
That thread also answers the question about the other team repositioning your robot.

Search is your friend.

This only applies in Programming Skills. You CANNOT reposition on the other coloured square in Autonomous.

You have been given some great links above (hint), but if you have a question about the rules, you can always ask the head referee of your division once you get to Anaheim.