Availability of VEX Robotic Kits

Hello - My team is new to VEX. We have placed an order to get the VEX Robotics kit so that the kids can start building the robot. I placed the order in early July but have not heard from VEX with regards to when the kit will be shipped although at that time it indicated that the kit will be shipped in early September. Anyone in the forum experiencing the same and how do I get it expedited so that the team can get some reasonable time to build the robots? The team members are all middle school kids in 6th grade, so they will need a lot of hands-on time before they can create something useful. Any pointers from members or VEX Robotics will be greatly appreciated.

According to this post, if you ordered the V5 starter kit, it should ship sometime around early october. If you ordered a classroom kit then it will unfortunately probably be longer.

Contact sales@vex.com with questions regarding your order.

As for build time - it is early in the season, 6th graders will adapt well. Our first season we did not get our equipment until Thanksgiving - the teams did well their novice season. So not to worry too much.

Thanks for the response. That is encouraging. We ordered the VEX Robotics Competition Super Kit.

But what do I do if I contacted sales@vex.com 5 days ago and have not gotten a response? :frowning:

That is unfortunate not getting a response. We order through a reseller, so normally it seems like a black hole to us. In the past, things have moved quickly in terms of orders. With V5 crunch, seems everything is a little out of whack.

On the positive side - Q&A are being processed.