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I have a question, are we allowed using Paracord or other stretchy materials on our robot?

As far as I’m aware just rubber bands and latex tubing.


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Read <R7e>

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Is this for tower takeover or Vex IQ, it seems to be tower takeover.

Vex iq can also use rubber bands

Yes it is for tower takeover

OK, that helps. Please watch what forum you post in…this was in the IQ forum which is a different game/different rules.

If you take a look at the game manual (https://link.vex.com/docs/vrc-tower-takeover/TowerTakeover-GameManual) Rule R7 tells what non-VEX materials are allowed. “e” tells you an unlimited amount of 1/8" braided nylon rope is allowed…since “paracord” is usually 1/8" braided nylon rope, then yes, you can use paracord. You mentioned other “stretchy materials”…you can use legal rubber bands (#32 and #64), and rubber tubing is available as a VEX part as well (https://www.robosource.net/21-elastics-latex-tubing).

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