Where to get great avatars not good but great ones. I have been to about 7 places and theres only a few i like:D :cool: :cool:

What sites have you been to?

You know the average ones I cant name them. I cant remember:D :cool: :cool:

have you checked your history? did you use google and remeber the keywords?

I didn’t use google but i used the word avatar.:smiley: :wink: :wink:

What color should I do the Super Pal SP in.

find one you like stick with it (srry to be pushy), try a glowing greenish with a blue background

logo3.JPG Like this?

yah and/or i like the on you have right now

What?!Why would you look for an avatar on google?Just make one:D

I did.:cool: :o

making one can take time though as he previously pointed out

When I make an avatar in paint it looks really good but then paint comes in and messes it up.
Example when I shade stuff paint adds more shading and makes it splotchier, which I really hate so I have to go back and edit everything but paint still puts it back most of the way.
Does anyone know how to fix this, or just turn off the shading without changing applications?
(you can see the red in this one it looked perfect before)

personally i wouldnt use ms paint, if you want a free drawing program go to openoffice.org and download their office suite, its free and its just as good as microsoft office with a few less features, it can also read microsoft files

BTW its got a draw programthat works pretty well

I’m downloading it right now.

do you have microsoft office?

no. Im pretty sure

BTW how do you get those bar things in your signature
ive seen many others with them

Go to userbarmaker.com its real easy, you just put in a pic, background colors, words if any and shading presto. Just drag the file to you signature and you have a userbar.

P.S. Openoffice isn’t working.

thx, what error are u getting in openoffice?