Average Amount of Overall Skills Points to get into States/Worlds

Hi everyone,
I was wondering how many skills points are average to get into states and worlds (or to qualify because of spots open).


It varies by region, but you can check your rankings within your region by filtering by your region here: Robot Events. You can also see how many slots are left in your region qualifier by checking the event on the same website.


depends on the skills scores of the people in your region. the lower the scores of everyone else, the lower the score you need.

How many spots are open in Middle School Worlds for California - North?
Would 17th be enough placement to get in?

The answer to that can be found in the Qualifying Criteria document

There are 12 spots for VRC Middle School allocated to North California. Six at each sites:
Tournament Champions
Tournament Finalists

You might see a double qualified to the judged awards. So tops four teams from your region would be pulled from Global Skills Ranking if double awarded teams at event.


just beat 315B for the skills dub :yawning_face: