Average game score in Gateway

What do you think a good match score would look like for gateway? 25-25, less, more? Let me know what you think.


probably 25-25, at our first competition, most of the semi-finals were 20-23, 23-23, 24-25. Most of the games are in the low twenties, you can’t really say there is an average score, because the skill of every region is different… hope this helped. :slight_smile:

I just attended the Zionsville Fall VEX tournament, and we scored on averages around 12?!

The scores were not that high here compared to some other competitions.

It depends on the skill level of the robots involved. Early on in the season I’m expecting probably 10-20 points per side, and then closer to 30 as World’s approaches. There’s no descoring, so it’s all based around how many of the 22 game objects (+doubler, -negator) an alliance can score in 2:20 with the other teams defending occasionally. Eliminations will probably score higher than quals.

I have similar question.
What is average game score for individual robot?
Thanks :smiley:

One could logically assume that the short answer is half of the score for both robots.

As your question is phrased however, the long answer is that we cannot tell. Each member of a good team, ie each robot, plays its part differently. That is, each robot works to advance the total score in their own way. I would be perfectly happy scoring 0 with my individual robot if I helped my alliance team mate to score enough points to win the match.

In our first competition, we scored around 10 points each match.

In the elimination rounds, we scored 17 points at our highest.

It really depends on the robot, how fast it can collect, how fast it can score, and the drive team.

Hope this helps!

I think you can descore the top game objects (if its above the goal), right?

That is correct

alot of times our bot scores 14+ (6 of our objects in one goal with doubler) which would mean the alliance will usually exceed 20 points

In one of the last qualification rounds of our last tournament our robot scored 16 pts by itself. That was us alone. We got the only points for our team.

Is 16 final score? like 2 point for first one, doubler n everything?

Yes, 16 was the final score. My robot was the only one scoring though. My team could have had a higher score if my partner could score.

That was at the last tournament were my robot was horrible…
I’m excited to see how well we do at the next.

And yes, 16 was the final score. I do not know what the other team had. And what do you mean 2 points for the first one, and also what about the doubler and everything?

I meant to ask if your points were 16 or did you guys score 16 balls or barrel. Like actually picked up 16 balls/barrels and put them in a goal post

We scored probably 8 balls/barrels. Then we put about 4 balls/barrels in a 30 inch goal, we topped it off with a doubler.

Looks like your still in RoundUp! Just kidding.

From what I have seen of 1200B’s robot, they can score VERY fast and pick up decently fast.

The best thing of their robot that I see is the release mechanism they have with pneumatic’s which lets them release all the objects in their “basket”. I think that will be helpful.

Looks like you have a decent robot going! Good luck in Wildstang :stuck_out_tongue:

You are in for quite a treat at Wildstang. We were horrible at the Waukesha competion. We finished at 10:30 PM the nIght before the competition and I (the driver) only got 2.5 hrs of sleep the previous night. We have an intake twice as fast and even more powerful. We had great improvements within the last month. The 1200’s steam rolled that competition and should do a lot better at Wildstang. See you there.