Average moment supplied by the VEX Motors

A general question to anyone who happens to know.

What is the average moment that the 393 and 269 motors produce.

I was doing some calculations for a lift and found that the amount of lift that they were lifting was giving a 10 lb in moment about the axle coming out of the motor. I was thinking about lowering the gear ratio but was wondering if anyone had already done the moment calculations for the 393 or 269 motors.

I could do it myself but it would require me to find a force gauge.



I did some tests and calculations and came up with the following estimations.

The 269’s output approximately 3.52lb in
The 393’s output approximately 13.86lb in

The design torques are given on their product pages: 269 (8.6 in-lbs) 393 (14.76 in-lbs).

And both should have a free running speed of 100rpm.

There’s no such thing as a single output torque. The output torque decreases as the speed of the motor increases:

**Torque = (stall torque) * (free speed - speed)/(free speed)

As a matter of fact they have. This post shows the theoretical outputs for the full range of motor speeds
(according to theoretical calculations, experimental data is also there if you search the forum but is probably harder to understand, the theory should be fine for most applications).