Average score in Arizona Tournaments

I was wondering what the average score in the chandler, arizona area would be per team for tower takeover tournaments. I, myself was thinking that each robot would stack around 15 cubes and have at least a 3 point autonomous. I am probably wrong as the number is much greater, but could you please let me know?

Bruh for the first few tournaments I bet the average stacking height per robot is 5 and autonomous is 2. (At least for South Dakota because we —as a state— are not very competitive.)

Edit: sorry I did not answer your question by I thought this might be helpful?

I don’t think the fields are going to be almost cleared this early in the season (15x4)=60. Only the best bots this early in the season will be able to stack 10-11 cubes most bots will be push bots,clawbots, or 4-7 cube tray bots most likely (I don’t live in az but that’s how it is in Michigan.

It’s hard to say because the first official tournament of the season in AZ is not until next week. However, I would expect a large amount of bots that can stack 0-3, a decent number of teams who can stack 5-7, and only a few in the state to do 9+ cubes per stack. I’d expect very few robots attempt to do the mid to high towers.

3 point autonomous runs or even having an autonomous at all will be rare the first couple tournaments, depending where you go.

Just curious, what team are you from?

(I am from AZ btw)


What team are you from @mouseilluminati?

He is on my team, 7830A

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Nvm wrong post. I got confused.