"Average" scores

My team has only been to one competition this season, and we were wondering what the “average” (estimation, not a true average) match scores have been.


Would this be an average of how much each alliance scores in a match? Or the average of total points scored?

Each alliance

well do you want the losing alliance score as well?
(there are 2 scores at the end of the match)
for us, the losing teams seemed always to have ~5-16
just saying because i can only vote once

Hmmm… how about the winning score is used for the poll, and the losing (if people know it) could just be a post…

is this whole competition average? or like finals average?

Whole competition

here is data of the pan pacific tourney (in november)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

no probs
but this competition WAS in november, so im not sure if the scores NOW will change much…

Here is some more recent data from Dockbots (January 22):


You can click on the blue column headers to sort by that statistic.

Data will be up from Dockbots for the next couple weeks unless another event asks to use the system.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

it doesnt say anywhere, but when was that event?

Emphasis mine… :rolleyes:

oh whoops :stuck_out_tongue:
i guess im blind >.<
and is there any pics of the number one rank robot?
i see pics of the team 24’s but not 677

Not that I know of. Also most of the pictures (including all of the 24’s) are pretty far out of date, as most haven’t been updated since the first tournament of the year, which was late in October. :stuck_out_tongue: Although if there was a single picture of 677’s robot it would most likely be accurate, as it hasn’t changed dramatically since the first time I saw it in real life. (It is definitely different from the first tournament they went to.) As for my team’s robot (24C)… I’m half embarrassed to say has changed a few too many times, and if any of my fellow team members were to post on this forum often, they would make a comment about it teasing me. :slight_smile: