Average speed for tipping point?

My team and I are planning to do the challenge called tipping point. We are using the Vex V5 super comp kit. We are wondering what would the averge speed we would need to use for the comp, from 100-600rpm for the moby robot.

I would say use a green motor at 100% speed do to how heavy the moblie goals are. (200 rpm)

The standard drive is a 4 motor tank drive with green gear cartridges (200 rpm). If you need more speed you can gear it up, but I’d recommend going with a 1:1 for now as it is easy to build and is very good for a basic robot.


This depends on your wheel size. You can’t just name an rpm. Think of how linear speed is calculated
(v=rw, where v is the linear speed at the wheel, r is the radius of the wheel, and w is omega but I don’t have a Greek keyboard atm)

With that said, for new, inexperienced teams, the previous suggestions are relevant. 200 rpm at any wheel size is simplest- but not necessarily ideal.

Many of the more experienced teams are running upwards of 300 rpm on 4” wheels with 6 motors.


I would recommend 6 motor drive(200 rpm green cartridges) geared 5:3, around 333 rpm using 4 inch omnis. This gives a lot of speed while also maintaining a necessary amount of torque to be able to push goals and get up the platform

I would not recommend this, as the V5 super kit does not have enough gears to do this, and parking on 4in wheels at 333 rpm requires very advanced build techniques that will lower weight and friction that the super kit can not offer.


if you press and hold “alt” and type “234” , it will make the “Ω” symbol (only works on the numeric keypad with numb lock on, not the regular keyboard)

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I’m on phone and it was mostly out of laziness. Thanks though

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What would you recomend if we were following the moby kit which has a 4 motors.

Doesn’t the V5 super kit come with 8 motors? If you only have 8 motors I would recommend 4 motor drive trying to do something similar to 45464z (4m drive, 1m lift, 1m tilter, 1m clamp, and 1m conveyor). If you only have the moby kit, just build moby. With a few modifications to it, it can be competitive in some regions.

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My apologies, didnt realize you were doing the moby kit. I would probably just chain drive both sides on your train with 200 rpm cartridges in that case, which would be 1 motor on each side, and 2 sprockets connected to each in your wheels so that when one motor spins, the other will also spin