Average time for vex to select volunteers for World

Since my team isn’t going this year to worlds (only one of our teams qualified), I instead wanted to sign up as a volunteer. I did the whole online registration process, and after I submitted it, it said the next step in the process would be through email.

How long does it usually take for vex to select the volunteers they need and send the corresponding email? I need to sign up soon for travel arrangements, and our mentor says we can only sign up to go once it’s confirmed that we’ve been accepted as volunteers. And if you’re not selected, will vex also send an email telling you this?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Volunteers receive a reply soon after registering online. The reply is a welcome email that includes information regarding the discounted rate for hotels, and states they will receive their assignment schedule by April 1st. If for some reason you did not receive the welcome email please email Cheryl Rausch at Cheryl_Rausch@roboticseducation.org.
We would be happy to have you and your teammates volunteer at Worlds.

Ah, okay, I just got the email. Thank you!