Avoiding motor burnout

Hi! I have a question about motor burnout. We have a rectangular base and we are using a 6 motor turbo, 3.25 inch omni wheels tank drive. The robot weighs about 15.5 pounds - any thoughts on how to prevent burnout when rotating the base without switching to speed motors?

Check for friction, and try to get lighter. We have 4 motor 3.25 in turbo and haven’t burnt out for a while. Also check your wiring

Thank you! When you say check your wiring - what would you look for in the wiring?

Dont put more than 2 on any circuit breaker. There are three breakers (ports 1-5, ports 6-10, and the power expander). If all or most motors are on one breaker, then you would burnout the entire system at once without individual motors burning out.

Also, make sure the metal of the wire is not exposed anywhere. That can be fixed with two layers of electrical tape.

These are great suggestions - thank you so much!!