Award Nominations for VEX Worlds

Is there a limit to the amount of award nominations per team, or per program?

For instance, if I wanted to nominate our teacher for teacher of the year, could I submit a nomination, and then have another member of the team submit another for the same teacher? (different essays for nomination)

Can 2 different teams from the same organisation submit a nomination for the same teacher?

If the answer to #2 is yes, but #1 is no, can I submit one as my team (3116C) and have a member of 3116A also submit one (different essays for nomination), despite the fact that only 3116A are going to VEX Worlds from our organistion?

Thank you for your email.

The answer to all of your questions is yes. Teams may submit more than 1 nomination for Teacher or Mentor of the year. You should be sure your nominee will be attending VEX Worlds.

Teams should be aware that the quality of the nomination for awards is important. Teams submitting multiple nominations of a poor quality may not be in the best interest of the nominee.