Award Overlap at League Competition

Say there is a league competition that is offering 4 qualification spots for states. The spots are offered to the 2 teams on the alliance who won tournament champion, as well as the 2 excellence winners (1 for middle school, one for high).

My question is: What happens if a team on the winning alliance is eligible for excellence? Can the judges purposely not give said team the award solely for the fact they won another state qualifying award? If they are to win both awards what happens to the leftover qualifying spot?

I ask this because this past weekend my team ended 1st in qualifying rounds, won the tournament, 3rd place in programming skills, 1st in robot skills, and won amaze award; however lost excellence to a team that ranking considerably lower in everything else. (Note: yes we have a notebook, and it is very good, considering we won design award at tsa nationals last year, and have greatly improved)

Well the VEX rules are written to allow for teams earning multiple spots. The spots are not wasted but go to the state’s skills scores.

So the tournament didnt give the other team excellence just to ensure the spot wasn’t wasted. Thus the logical conclusion is that your team didn’t earn the excellence award. Remember the award is not just for doing really well at 1 thing but rather pretty well at every thing. Maybe the other team was a finalist for more awards even if you actually won more.

Don’t know the specifics of what happened though.

As an event organizer and judge, events have moved awards around to “share the wealth”. One award that does not happen with is the Excellence Award. There is (now) a pretty well defined rubric (scoring system) that marks out what is counted and what it’s worth.

I can’t tell what happened at your event, but it’s possible that nose to nose your team was down a point or two in the scoring.

But like Tabor said, the slots are not lost to the state pool.

Congrats on winning the event!! Sounds like you have a great robot!

Thanks for the feedback! I am familiar with the rubric you are speaking of (which the event coordinator made reference to), however using this method it does not add up. We were first in robot, 3rd in programming, 1st in qualifiers, and won the tournament. The team who won excellence was 6th in robot skills, tied for 11 in programming, 4th in qualifying, and runners up in the tournament. My team and theirs won the same amount of judged awards.[ATTACH]8784[/ATTACH]. Things just don’t seem to add up here. I’m not just saying that we should have won excellence, but there were also other teams that seemed to be more deserving.

One thing to understand that teams ALL teams ranked 1-8 earn ONE QR point, and all skills rankings 1 - 10 earn one RS or PS point. Thus, the 4th ranked team earns the same # of QR points as the 1st ranked team.

The idea is that once the rankings are above a certain level, everyone is on equal footing. It looks like the team you described earned 1 QR, 0 PS, and 1 RS point (one point below the max possible). If the judges ranked them highly in the other areas (and awarded them one tie-breaker point), they would pull ahead of other teams that earned all 3 points for QR, PS, and RS.