Award Rubrics

New Coach Question:

I am looking for details/rubrics for the awards given for the VEX Robotics Competition. I have found the Design Award rubric through google search, but I can’t seem to find any of the others. Is there a central website for them? I have the Awards Appendix D that lists them already, but I’d really love to find some rubrics. Thank you in advance!

What you are looking for will be here: when it is finally published for the new game. The ones for starstruck were taken down with the new game release.

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Thank you!

What was the scoring for the excellence/design. I forget, did they range from 1-3?

Yes, each line-item on the rubrics was scored 1-3 points. Hopefully the new ones are published soon, since our teams are already working. Our first event is August 5!

Just for reference, an old design award rubric is hiding here:

But remember the rubric score is only the first step, the separate the really great teams from the great teams (Because every team I saw a worlds was a great team). The impression made at the interview is a huge part of the judging.

You wouldn’t happen to remember or know the scoring for IQ STEM would you? Everything has disappeared from the site.

Here’s an old one for IQ (it’s all I could find) I expect the new ones won’t be much different, when they get published:

Thanks much, found the STEM one too: