Award Submissions- additional explanation needed

Our team will be submitting some award submissions as discrete teams since they are robot specific, and some of our submissions are better submitted for our entire group of teams as a single entity (Community, Teamwork). The question is partially answered here:

Is this the case when some teams in our organization are HS teams and one is MS team? Or should the same writeup be submitted once for the HS teams and then also for our MS team? It is unclear whether submission only once will cover the teams in both the MS and HS divisions since they handled as separate events on Robot Events.

Thank you!

You may submit the same write up for both middle school and high school teams as separate submissions.

Using previous guidance that was provided on the Forum to use the generic team number without a letter for common submissions repesenting mutiple teams under a team number, my daughter uploaded the common write ups on the page for the HS divisions and then went to the same for the MS divisions, but the system rejected it because a submission had already been submitted under the team number 24 in the HS divisions. So hopefully an effort will be made to ensure the submissions for a group of teams will get distributed to all divisions that those teams are placed in.

Thank you!