Awards for US Open

My team is competing at the US Open. We usually treat it like a practice before worlds, however we are going to try and win as much as we can and potentially bring some hardware home. I was checking the list of awards at this years US Open, and I have a question. I didn’t see this on the website, but maybe someone here has some knowledge upon it.

List of awards at CREATE US Open HS Division
Excellence Award (VRC/VEXU)
Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU)
Innovate Award (VRC/VEXU/VIQC)
Amaze Award (VRC/VEXU)
Design Award (VRC/VEXU)
Think Award (VRC/VEXU)
Volunteer of the Year (VRC/VEXU)
Tournament Finalists (VRC/VEXU)
Robot Skills Champion (VRC/VEXU)
Energy Award (VRC/VEXU)
Robot Skills 2nd Place (VRC/VEXU)
Sportsmanship (VRC/VEXU)
Mentor of the Year Award (WC)
Tournament Semifinalists (VRC/VEXU)
Tournament Quarterfinalists (VRC/VEXU)
Teacher of the Year (VRC/VEXU)
Robot Skills Third Place (VRC/VEXU)

Are all of these awards given out in each division, or are awards given out with all the teams combined? I know some of them (i.e Mentor of the year, Skills champs) are probably not given out for each division, but are awards like Design or Amaze given out in each division?

I’ve been to many competitions and the list of awards at robotevents is different than what is actually given at the event itself.

Check here to see what the Create foundation posts as its awards. Its not the same:

Excellence Award
Amaze Award
Tournament Champion Award
Tournament Finalist Award
Division Champion*
Skills Champion Award
Skills Finalist Award
Skills 3rd Place Award
Skills 4th Place Award
Think Award
Design Award
Build Award
Bracket Buster Award
Volunteer of the Year
Teacher of the Year
Mentor of the Year

*=per division
I think this is it. Not 100% certain though.

If they were RECF approved events, they should be giving out their listed awards. It is a pain to change the listed awards on the day of the event as the awards listed on Tournament Manager are taken from the awards that the EP selected on Robotevents when setting up the event. To change them means the EP needs to go to Robotevents, change the selected awards, then re-download to TM. Unfortunately, this is not an answer to the OP’s question. My teams have attended the US Open many times and I don’t remember which awards are awarded to whom, lol.