Awards Questions?

Hi! We have two teams from our club going to Worlds this year, and we’re in the process of applying for awards. We were a little confused about how we can apply for awards and how they are evaluated:

  1. We do community outreach events/projects as a club rather than as disparate teams, so we’d like to apply for the Community Award together. How exactly do we make this distinction on the application form? Do we just enter our team number sans letters?

  2. How are Division Excellence Awards decided? Do we have to apply separately for those, or are each of our teams given a discrete score during our common club interview?

  3. We want to nominate our club advisor for Teacher of the Year, but again, we’d like to do it together. How do we tell you that in the application form?

In response to your questions:

  1. You may apply for the the community award as a single group using just the numeric portion of your team number.

  2. The Excellence interview score will be entered into the calculator for each team in the club that has won the Excellence Award at a qualifying event this year. All other points in the calculator will be given to each team based on their individual performance at Worlds.

  3. Teacher of the Year award is not tied to a single team. Your teams are welcome to submit a nomination for Teacher of the Year collectively using just the numeric portion of your team number.

Thanks for the clarification! Now we can apply for those awards
without having a nagging feeling that we messed up somewhere, lol.
On a side note, our team and our club would like to thank you guys for
making the CA State Championship really awesome. Pretty much the most
fun time I’ve had with VEX yet, though I’m sure Worlds will be pretty fun, too!