Awesome cone grabber design

Here’s the cone grabber I designed, it easily grabs cones from any angle and cones that are on the ground, first time, every time. :smiley:

so its a claw, with some fancy cut rubber flaps? how are you planning on getting it onto bases

IIRC, he’s planning on using a different mechanism for manipulating mobile bases

But will he move the entire stack every time, thats the problem with side claws is you have to release weird

Nice Design!

@antichamber How well does it pick up fallen cones?

Perfectly, I haven’t had it fail unless it is in the wrong position to grab yet

how does it pick up fallen cones?

oh, that is the same design, I looked at it earlier and didn’t see the resemblance to the sketches, are you planning on using pneumatics? because thats an easy mechanism to implement with a single piston and a pivoting claw.

I’m planning on saving pneumatic power for lifting mobile goals, so I don’t want to use pneumatics for anything that requires one or more actuations per cone

i mean, you could have it be one way pneumatics, as well as limited to heck because you need next to no power for these. I use x<1 psi per actuation as well as having rubber bands to open my claw back open, meaning i can pick up every single cone and then 20 more if i needed to (which i don’t plan on doing) even in reality you only have 66 cones available to you (opponent pre-load and match loads)

I’ll give it a try!

@antichamber Btw do you happen to have a more side on view of the grabber, it’d be really helpful, as I cant tell what the side aluminum portion is made of

Edit: it looks like 1x but im not sure, and i cant tell how the flaps are attached

edit 2: it seems like you could grab cones better if the claw was attached to a single piece of metal, similar to how reverse dumpers were last year, as it would funnel cones into the claw better, and grabbing would remain unnefected

The flaps are connected with chain that is zip tied to the metal.

@antichamber I am a little confused about the thread you posted so can you provide pictures on how it would rotate fallen cones? The diagrams are helpful but pictures with the actual mechanism would make it incredibly clear

i’ll do one real quick<br>

1x bar, attached with zip ties
Please draw a diagram of what you mean by “claw attached to single piece of metal”

like this is what i mean