Awesome Robot - Finally

13 motors, a zillion lights, 4wheel drive, 9 functions, even a vibratory feeder.
Kids did great!!!

sweet…its pretty fast for its size too, how many motors did you use for drive? gear ratios?

The kids used the 4 wheel tank drive option, no reduction. They are direct drive but sharing chains for a little extra torque when needed. They used all purpose wheels and omni’s.
If you watch carefully, there is a rear bumper cup-stabilizer and a chute extender.
The anti-runaway device is the only thing not able to be reset automatically.
The comb that flips down keeps anything from jumping off the board.
The tennis ball lifter makes sure the TB goes in last.
Given it’s 15Lb weight, the gearing tower was spitting gear teeth like crazy. The kids had to double and triple the gears together, even after changing out to aluminum.
There are two vibrator motors under the transfer tray which force the pieces to move no matter what.
They really worked hard on this and I expect they’ll medal tomorrow. If anyone can beat that time, it’s magic.

That is a very elegant robot. I always like to see robots that not only preform well but also look good. Nice work!

It just won Gold.

A very well deserved gold.

Please pass my congrats along to your entire crew!

  • Dean

congrats! you (and your team) completely deserve it!

I’m really glad I don’t have to compete against that:eek: Awesome robot!

Great Machine!


I’m curious to know where you competed and how many other robots were in the competition ?

The National Science Olympiad Robo Cross Event held at George Washington University in DC. There were 60 Robots (60 teams). Before that of course were the state and regionals. I believe there’s still a smoke trail from there… :smiley:

Very nice. 2 friends and I built one 2 years ago and took 1st at my regional, along with 1st place in “compute this” but we ended up placing 3rd overall so didnt move onto states. Our bot could do the whole thing in 30 seconds, though the game was quite different. Our biggest obstacle was the fact that the markings on the field were done with some tape that didnt stick very good, and they didnt tape down the 1m x 1m piece of square carpet so it was all bent up on all the edges… our scoop pretty much ate all the tape because we had to pick up a CD and it was the only way we could do it was by making the scoop scrape the ground.

Anyways, wicked robot :slight_smile:

I actually managed to pick up a CD repeatedly with the VEX claw, but then they changed the rules for my competition and I didn’t have to.
robot is here:

not quite as good as yours, but I’m happy with it.