Awesome Worlds Shirt Idea

This should be a design for a t-shirt for sale at Worlds!

I like the cut of your jib.

haha, I love this! Print some and I will come buy one from your table!

Keep in mind you’re not allowed to sell things at the World Championship. It’s in the FAQ:

Oooh, never mind then, haha. Print one of these shirts (I’m a large) and give it to me then! lol

haha. Thats a pretty cool idea. lol

I’ll go for one with the white barrel that says “You’ve been doubled!”

XL please!

I like the negator.

Are they FREE? lol

If so, are you sending them to people?

Good job!

Ya I was wondering the same thing about sending them to people

haha, i can give this to you for free if you just happen to leave a twenty by my table :wink:

I would like one if they go on sell, if not, would you mind if I used your image to create my own shirt and possibly some others for teammates?

@spen: I wouldn’t mind.

It seems that many of you took my message the wrong way. Our team doesn’t have the ability to make and sell shirts.
I’m suggesting that the WC organizers sell a shirt like this along with the official World Championships shirts.

I think it might be interesting if the “doubled” or “negated” design was on the back of the shirt, with the usual “VEX Worlds, Anaheim, yadayada” on the front. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

That would be cool, but don’t they usually have a team list on the back?

I think this could be there 2nd Worlds shirt along side the regular Worlds shirt with the team numbers and where they are from.

Yeah, that was my original thought.

or maybe someone with the right “connections” an have a “presale” thread and hand them out at worlds!

Who would this someone be?

You? Get them up on ebay!

Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have the ability to make and sell shirts.