AWP clarification

Part of getting an AWP is clearing a mobile goal. the game manual defines cleared as
“An Alliance Mobile Goal state. An Alliance Mobile Goal is considered “Cleared” if, at the end of the Autonomous Period, it is not contacting its AWP Line or the Neutral Zone.”

Is this contact with the AWP Line and Neutral Zone transitive? For example, if a bot picks up a goal so that the goal is fully off the field, but the bot is touching the Neutral Zone, would that goal count as being cleared?

From what I’ve read, this would count towards an AWP because the manual didn’t specify that contact is transitive, but all the videos of AWP autons I’ve seen seem to make an effort to have their bot not touch the neutral zone and AWP Line at the end of auton. Thoughts?

bingo, if the manual doesn’t specify transitive contact, than transitive contact is not applied.

I think this is just a side effect of the nature with which bots grab that goal. It wouldn’t make much sense to grab it, and then move forward onto the line or neutral zone when you could just grab it and back into your zone.


Home zones count in all 3 dimensions, it stands to reason that the neutral zone is the same way.

From the manual:

The Alliance Home Zones are a 3-dimensional volume, defined by the infinite upward projection from the foam tiles inside of the Alliance Home Zone boundaries.

The Neutral Zone is defined as the gray foam tiles themselves; it is not a 3-dimensional volume.

it would seem that only the alliance home zones are 3D volumes, not the neutral zone.


Huh. Neat, but I have to think that’s just an oversight that they missed when changing the alliance zones, but maybe not. Probably needs a Q&A just to be certain, but assuming that’s intentional that ought to make things real interesting.

not really, the intent of changing the alliance zones to a 3D area is so that goals will still count as scored even when they aren’t touching the ground. There’s no reason that the neutral zone needs to be a 3D area though, and it really wouldn’t change much. Only think I can think of is that if you pick up the alliance goal that you need to clear, you could hold it above the neutral zone and it’d still not count as being in the neutral zone.


I think the key thing is that it isn’t saying that you don’t get the AWP if the goal is scored in the Neutral Zone, but that you won’t get the AWP if its contacting it at all. My assumption is that this is so that teams cannot just push the goal off of the auton line and towards the neutral zone while dropping a ring in it, but that teams need to actually intake the goal to some degree and be able to pull it.

As for whether or not the contact is transitive there, I’m not sure but I would assume it not to be, because if you held a mobile goal fully in the neutral zone but the robot crossed into a home zone, the goal wouldn’t be counted as being in the home zone.

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