Axel motor attachment

Hi Everyone!

I have a quick question,

How can I stop an axel falling out from a motor? ( I already have a robot that uses the sandwich technique which prevents large movements of the wheels.

Shyam B

huh? What is this? What’s all this about?

Im just really confused at the question being asked here

This entire thread confuses me

oh, right!

Sorry for the confusion.

I just want to understand how to make sure the axel (which the wheel lies on) won’t come off the motor.

I just want to know how to make sure an axel won’t fall off a motor easily


Thanks for the input, but though I put many of those on, the axel still falls off

Could you send a picture and or video of the issue so we can better understand what the solution might be


I might be able to do that tomorrow but I can’t now right now I am about to sleep.

But thanks for the help!

If the shaft collars don’t work (they should work just fine), you can try using the axles with the offset flange. You’ll probably want metal axles for this if you can. Also make sure you are supporting the wheel on both sides.


Thank you for your valuable input!

Push the axle into the motor with you nonwriting hand and then with your other hand screw in the shaft collars in tightly. Here is an image for where the shaft collars should go.
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Thank you so much for the picture!

No problem.
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