Axels from coming out of motors

My team is having difficulties securing the axels into our motors we have used everything we can think of and they still keep falling out. We have a competition next week and we will be driving and practicing and the axels pop out making the arm to stop rising. What could we do?

First off. You put a hardware issue in programming support. Secondly, I’m assuming this is IQ because the VRC game doesn’t really involve armed bots much. Try putting shaft collars in between your motor and the structural piece that it’s attached to.


Thank you for trying to help but we have already tried this .

Can you send pictures?

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I will be able to tomorrow, but it may be a little bit difficult.

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Alright… just to go over possible problems… are you using good shaft collars? Have you made sure your putting the shaft all the way in the motor? And it is unlikely but is any part on the rotator of your motor messed up?

Yes, I am using hood shaft collars, and yes I have made sure that it was all the way in and we have had all the veterans on our teams help us but no one can find the solution. We have changed out the motors two times and both times it keeps on falling out.

Lol when I said hood shaft collars that was a typo but you probably also miss typed that. I don’t think it can be helped until there is a picture of your problem. But at least you can get a picture tomorrow.

Yes thank you, I will get the picture tomorrow.

Ok, so we are all good readers, so you go

Collar on a 1/4" axle to a wheel to Collar to 2 1/4" spacers to a c Chanel … and we can figure it out.

Use your words, we can make that work!

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  1. Is this IQ or VRC?
  2. Can you categorize it accordingly?
  3. Pictures?

This is V5, and sorry I accidently categorized it incorrectly, and I will be able to provide photos tomorrow.

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shaft collars are all you need, you must not be tightening them enough, which can be because either your screwdriver or the insert in the collar has been partially or fully stripped.

replacing the set screw with a normal screw is bulkier but much easier to really lock down. if you don’t have the room for that, make sure your screwdrivers are nice and sharp and you aren’t using shaft collars with worn set screws.

unless of course you don’t have shaft collars in a space that will prevent your shaft from sliding out, but that should be fairly obvious if it’s not.


Xenon27 said most of the basic problems so try all of those first before you post the pictures tomorrow

Also, this might be obvious, but I have seen new teams make this mistake before. The shafts are square, so make sure that the set screw for the collar is being tightened against one of the flat sides of the drive shaft, not the corner. If you tighten it against the corner as soon as the bot moves it will rotate and be completely loose.


…and the more recent star drive grub screws give you more tightening torque and hence pressure and grip on the axle without rounding the drive hexagon in the head. Worth investing in if they’re new to you 276-6098. If there’s space, the clamping shaft collars are even better 276-6101. Another approach is to stop off the escape route, for example by bolting a pillow block bearing over a suitably trimmed axle (in this kit 276-2016). That lets you drop a wheel out without mucking about with shaft collars. You can cut the pillow loop off if you’re close to dimensions.


I also highly recommend using the High Strength Shaft Inserts 276-3881 from gears or sprockets in your motors to add extra length to the 1/8" section holding the shaft.


This is the axle that keeps coming out of the motors.

image You should probably fill in this gap, but there are also a lot of other things to fix in this image

I can see, you don’t have a shaft collar in between the motor and the c channel. I’d recommend adding one there.