Axle joiner

I would like to see VexLabs come out in the starter kit with an axle joiner, maybe by connecting two threaded collars with peices of steel?

It’s really a pain to get long bars and cut them. It’s a safety hazard.

I’ve thought of this alot myself and it would be nice to have shaft connectors. steel collars would be fine a plastic coupling would be great as well. but as far as that is concerned then you have a small problem with joining shafts… misalignment. though with what vex has it’s not as sever as it is in the larger world. love joys or even uvj’s would help to reduce the effects of misalignments.

Cutting the 12 inch bars is not that difficult. can be done with a clamp hack saw gloves and saferty glasses. then cleaned up with some medium sandpaper say 100grit. Life it self is a safety hazard. I would like to see you put a poll on this i would vote in favor of it. Great thoughts!

Correction now that i posted theres a poll… either i missed it or it didn’t load properly. anyway my vote is in!

I don’t need one but it might come in handy. I think a plastic tube with a square hole would work.:slight_smile:

You could use the shaft joiners from a lego kit. All of the + shaft fittings work with the square vex shafts. Although I’m not sure how long the plastic will hold before it breaks but it still fits.



Cutting Axels is not that hard, and I have way too many 12" Axels…

You is teh genyus. Yeah, they would come in handy. 24" drive shafts anyone? :wink:

the legos connectors would work for vex is just that i predict the legos shaft connector put under pressure will start to act like an extra clutch clicking n wearing until it doesnt work any more and you have to keep the two rods a little tight against the chassis but good suggestion anyway

All it would really need to be is two shaft collars stuck together.

i use axle joiners all the time with my LEGO Robotics Invention System (i find vex better though:D )

i also dont want to have to cut my 12" drive shafts because then when I need a 12" drive shaft I don’t have one. They should have a 5", 6" and 9" drive shaft.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

why not just use a clutch?

with clutches the axle can fall out to easily, it probably could be used sometimes though…

It is possible to make a larger axle joiner out of the metal axle holders, some aluminum things that can hold the metal together, not sure what there called, and some collars. Ill try to get a pic of one but i doubt ill be able to do it. Let me know if it works for someone else. Its kind of hard to explain.

if youre not in FTC you could super glue two collars together
vexlabs should just make a double-collar

or you can get 2 lock bars and put them on each end then screw them together, ive tried this and it works ok