Axle Slipping


I am new to VEX robotics and just received a V5 on Friday. I had no trouble putting it together over the weekend. Also had a lot of fun driving it around.

One thing I have noticed is that the axles tend to slip laterally after several minutes of driving. The symptom is that the robot will no longer drive straight, but starts turning donuts. The fix is to push the axle back into the motor so that it engages the square hole and turns. The rubber washers that are supposed to keep the axle from sliding laterally are not doing their job. They seem to fit snugly, but they don’t stop the eventual slide of the axle.

Got any suggestions to prevent this from happening?

Any pictures? <20 characters>

Try swapping the rubber washers for different ones, or if you have them try the metal locking collars

In competition, you’ll want to use metal shaft collars with setscrews.

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I assume you are using these?

They work fine for Vex IQ, but I would highly recommend using these instead.

(The picture doesn’t show the correct one, but it’s one of the options on that page.)

The square inserts for high strength gears/sprockets fit perfectly in the V5 motors and help to extend the length of the receiver. We have had way fewer problems with slippage since we started using them in our motors.

Those are all VEXPro shaft collars, which will not fit VEX EDR square shafts and are not legal for use in VRC (except in VEXU).

The EDR shaft collar with setscrew is this part:


which is available on this page.

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The rubber shaft collars aren’t that great. I have the same kit myslef, but I also bought several packs of the steel shaft collars as well.

Thank you!

Looks like I will be ordering the shaft collars.