[B]Central Virginia VRC Regional 2/5/2011[/B]

Central VA VRC Regional invitation
What: Central VA VRC Regional (w/middle and high school divisions!)
When: February 5, 2011
Where: Bird High School Governor’s Academy for Engineering Studies, 10301
Courthouse Rd., Richmond, VA (w/staffed robotics lab on site!)

How Much: First team, $100.00; add’l teams from same school, $50 each
Registration Deadline: January 5, 2011
How Many: 50 teams per division

Programming Skills: Yes
Robot Skills: Yes
VEXNet or Crystal: Both

This event qualifies teams for the World Championship!

This event is open to any team wishing to attend; no qualifying is required.
Up to 50 teams per division will be accepted. If a minimum of 18 teams per
division is not reached, all teams will play in a single division. The registration fee must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. Register now and pay later–submit a PO for payment by Jan. 15, and
you’ll still have 30 days to pay!

Register for this event at http://robotevents.com/robot-competi...cs-competition. Contact Darlene to volunteer.

Darlene Pantaleo
Phone#: 804.745.2493

Registration for this event has been extended to Friday, Jan. 14. Teams, sign up today for this inaugural event! Richmond is centrally located in the Virginia, so 2 hours or less for most of you. The site is close to I-95, Rt. 1, and beltway Rt. 288, so it is easy access.

Volunteers are still needed! Contact Darlene if you want to judge, ref, queue teams, or do anything else to make this tournament a success.

Darlene Pantaleo
Phone#: 804.745.2493

Come on everyone, let’s get this new tournament off the ground. The Twisted Botz will be there! :slight_smile:

I know that Woodbridge Robotics Teams 1575A, 1575B and 1575C will be there too!

Any updates? I’m sure there are some teams out there who are looking for a competition to come too! It promises to have lots of rounds, with plenty of opportunities to face off against challengers!

Let’s try and make this first-year competition a good one!!

Just wanted to thank everyone involved in running this tournament. :slight_smile: I had a great time, and I enjoyed seeing people I “know” from the forums.

Congratulations to all the award winners!


I ditto that remark! It was great to see so many good teams, and everyone working really hard…

Thanks again to Darlene for putting on the competition! We couldn’t have done it without her!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for it - I’m glad to read these positive reports - Congrats Darlene (and everyone else)! - Blake

I’d like to chime in with our thanks as well. Darlene and her able volunteers did a wonderful job of pulling off their first event.

It was also great to see some new faces mixed in with the veterans. We had a terrific time competing with all of you, and I expect/hope that we will see some of the same teams at the mid-atlantics (or, perhaps, the BEYA in DC).

Thanks for all your support and wonderful comments! I enjoyed the day and can’t wait until next year!!

The list of award winners is attached, and an article and video can be found here: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/2011/feb/06/tdmet02-hot-competitions-in-chesterfield-ar-823401/
AwardWinners.pdf (7.32 KB)