B.I.S.C.U.I.T. Robotics 2.0 Teaser ;)

Front Funnel Scoring/Intake

Seemingly standard intake ramp. Something tells me your robot is anything but standard though.
Also shouldn’t this be in Robot Showcase?

Look at The Photo again, your depth perception night have been Wrong

I still don’t see anything… depth is hard to see on a screen, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m going to take a wild stab and guess that this is some sort of descorer?

From what i see, the ramp is going in the opposite direction of most ramps, so the back of the ramp pictured is outside the field, while the back of the ramp of a standard side roller toss-up bot is above the robot itself

I agree, the ramp is facing the opposite direction of most.

I can see this being a valuable way to “attach” to the goal and prevent the robot from being pushed out of the way while scoring.

I see a six bar lift that picks up balls from the back of the robot? under that C bar?

I see that the ramp can tilt back and forth independently to fit in the size limit and also be able to go under the bar.

1:5 low strength gearing to lift the arm, no elastics??

Not a bad robot, great idea, please post more!!

Wow you truly are inspector Gadget.

hmm, I dont think so. In the original post he called it a front funnel/scoring intake.

How do you know :wink:

Your lift doesn’t go high enough to stick the top end in, and the end isn’t set up to do that.

I don’t see any linear sliders or pneumatics to go down in, and there is no manipulator that can grasp on the inside (that I can see).

also, there is that 1x25 plate / bar in the middle of the way to prevent it from going all the way in.
At the most (if it were possible) this could only descore 1 or 2 balls, never 4 or 5.

I am experimenting with descorers though and would like to see what you have for that.
If you show me a valid idea, i will show you one of mine

Quid pro quo
I made something 12" long that folded out off the back of my hopper that reaches 36" in the air. It is L shaped with the end being able to fold in but not fold down so that it could plunge down underneath the top two objects straight down and pull back up and out turn around and score one of my own to create a nine point swing. The problems with it was a hard line up without a separate line up mechanism and I couldn’t guarantee the top two objects being the opponents so I decided to re-purpose the pneumatics for a better hanging mechanism. If someone tweaked it a little and had an instant line up it might be good for eliminations in harder tournament but I would launch and hang before even thinking about a descorer which would be the least used of the the three. I can get of picture of it tonight if you would like.

The Descorer that we designed hasn’t been mounted yet. However the robot was made to accommodate it.

Dude -_-…

I did a very similar thing, but used linear sliders on a linear slider, and it could do the top 3.

how did you use pneumatics??

please post a pic!!!

Seems like a good robot :slight_smile: