B.I.S.C.U.I.T. Robotics Time Lapse


So, we moved all our stuff out of the school for winter break and decided to completely rebuild our robot. I made a time lapse of part of the process. Unfortunately, we get sidetracked very easily. So…the robot isn’t done yet. However, I think this video puts in perspective how dynamic a build can be.

Obviously, this is not up to par with the Robosavages time lapse, but I thought you guys might enjoy. :cool:

Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtVkAbI23VE


Awesome basement.

Never mind, i’m further into the video and it turns out this isn’t a basement.

How often did you take pictures? What camera?

We decided to make this video really spontaneously, so, we couldn’t get hold of any proper camera equipment. We used a GoPro Hero 2 and the interval was 30 seconds(the lowest it would go).

Check out 44 Green Egg’s time lapse build video from their round up season of Fred IV.

Wow, pretty cool

Thats what I love about winter vacation! Just have a few friends come over and you can hang out and build a robot on a ping ping table hahaha

Awesome video! Really enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

I know, Its awesome. I’m really glad you enjoyed it :p. It means a lot.

nice house!


OH I also batch edited all the photos in Photoshop. Just to make them look nicer

What are the advantages of a top down intake to a nz?

Why don’t you just message me?..lol