Baby doll head legality

Is it legal to have stuffed animal or doll heads mounted to your robot?

only if its for decorative non functional purposes

I think this dude might win the creepiest robot of the year…

Reminds me of Toy’s Story… Oh god no.

I have seen a robot at local competitions with a spinning baby doll head on it. It freaks me out every time.

your opponents can’t fight you if they’re too busy crying for mama ;p

This is my new favorite Q&A

My only question is, why would you even want that?

Why would you want any decoration on your robot?

Intimidation factor. I’d be spooked.

I suggest you have the baby head hidden in your bot, and then have a rubber band release that flips it out when your lift is fully extended up.
Also If you can coordinate the vex speakers to make noise when this occurs, that would be perfect.

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