Back antitip wheels and wall alignment

I’m currently building a traybot, and I’ve found that the robot will often tip backward when there are more than 6 cubes on the tray. I want to put on antitip wheels on the back, but I like having a flat surface (a c-channel) on the back of the robot to align with the walls, especially for autonomous skills challenge. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this or get around it?

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unpopular idea, but maybe use counterweights instead of anti-tips?
if you condense most of your weight to the front of the robot (battery, brain, ect) and have some counterweights, you may be able to get away without antitips.

another really small antitip I’ve seen is an omni wheel on the back center of the robot. the wheel is perpendicular to all the other wheels, and is free-spinning. this puts the point at which your robot tips farther back. you wouldn’t have it stick out of the back of the robot at all, but those extra few inches could help a lot.


Well what kind of robot are you making?

A traybot with a 4 motor omniwheels drive, 2M rollers, 1M tilter, and 1M wall (or maybe not).

Alright, I was asking because if you have a Dr4B, then a lot of teams add wheels to the top, which still lets them drive and flip back up in case of tip

Then what happens when you move the tray forward. The COG could be so forward the robot could fall over

@64540A Although possible, it is unlikely. The reason for this is because you will most likely not be moving very much with your tray all the way forward. Even though the COG is forward, the COM (center of mass) will stay close to the robots center. In order to tip, the COM and the COG must come close together, which is generally initiated by sudden jerks/movements, hence why robots tip backwards primarily after moving back/forwards or being pushed sideways.


Well, this happens when starting to move because a object at rest likes to stay at rest, the center of mass won’t want to move, so if it’s overhanging over the back of your bot you’ll tip

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@224x Exactly(20 characters)

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I don’t know what it’s called exactly, but i think there is a green thing in one of the linear slider kits that has a small wheel at the end which is perfect for a compact anti-tip.


When in doubt, just stick a c channel out the back end. It isn’t pretty, but it does the job well

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