Back Autonomous ideas

So currently I have a bot with a puncher which descores one flag for them on their side (assuming they score that flag) 1 cap and park for back auto. Should I change it? or should I stick with it & perfect it?

I would instead shoot a flag on your side, it’s a four point swing compared to a two-point swing given they even hit the flag.

I think you need to define that the front of the field has flag and the back of the field has posts. I heard announcers at different events use front and back differently.

Assuming that you mean you start on the tile farthest from the flags, I would make 2 autons, grab the ball supporting the cap in front of you and have 1 auton shoot the flags on your side and 1 shoot the flags in the middle so you can work around your opponent. If you still have time (you should), score the cap and park, and if you can get one of the other 3 balls on your quarter, shoot at your opponents flag in the last 2 seconds.

If you have a bot that can cap posts, that seems like more logical points, since it doesn’t depend on your opponents scoring or not descoring.