Back Button Controller Problems

I have been programming the VEX Protobot for a day or two now and am learning how to program the remote controller. I have the wheel motors working but I have yet to get the back buttons to properly control the motors for the arm.

I read another post that said on the new controllers that you have to use the vexRT[Btn6U and Btn6D] for the back buttons (right side). I tried including this code in “if statements”… “if(vexRT[Btn6U] == 127)” then set the motor speed to 50 for the lever. But nothing happened when the button was pressed. By the way, that code is placed in a always true while loop.

Could anybody send the syntax of soem code that would work for this case? Thank you in advance!:confused:

There’s a set of tutorial videos produced for ROBOTC and the VEX Cortex:

If you go to the Remote Control > Buttons section, you should be able to find the code and explanation you’re looking for.